Simplify brings Internet-sharing experience in a new style


Simplify published a major app release today with its next-generation user interface, code-named Manhattan, on Google Play Store. The new Simplify introduces a sleek new look, simpler ways to create and connect Wi-Fi hotspots, and brings a whole new level of user experience to Android users.

Selling Your Mobile Data Made Easy

Forget about getting a travel SIM card or turning the expensive data roaming on while traveling abroad, Simplify makes selling and buying Internet bandwidth off someone's personal hotspot faster and more secure, with significantly fewer steps.

Simplify translates complex feature into simple and functional design. For instance, creating hotspot is made as swiftly as possible, enabling Simplify hotspot settings to be copied into Android system settings automatically.

If you are a data-rich user (mobile subscriber who has gigabytes of unused mobile data to spare), you may turn your personal hotspot into a business within seconds and make extra income by sharing your Internet access. Of course, you may share your hotspot for free too!

No Ads, No Password.

No more annoying advertisements and tedious password entry. With Simplify, connecting to Wi-Fi will never be the same again. The app connects users to Simplify-powered hotspots with a single touch, not needing to enter any Wi-Fi password at all (Right! Wi-Fi password is now a history!)

Moreover, the newly added Map feature enables discovery of nearby Simplify hotspots with precise location markers, presented along with design savvy details such as its cost and quality-of-service, in addition to the conventional Wi-Fi signal strength.

Wi-Fi Redefined

With ZeroTouch turned on in the app settings, users can hop from one Simplify hotspot to the other, without needing to enter any password too, even the hotspots have different SSIDs and credentials. This patented technology mimics Wi-Fi mesh network on legacy networks and let devices connect and roam between Simplify hotspots seamlessly.


Simplify still enforces Wi-Fi standards-compliant authentication and encryption methods to secure its communication channel. On top of that, Simplify uses its own proprietary encryption mechanism to further encrypt its Wi-Fi credentials. Unlike public hotspots which are mostly open and unsecured, Simplify is among the most secure alternative to make seamless authentication works on any existing Wi-Fi networks.

Be wary of hackers? Similar to homestay and ride-sharing apps, Simplify includes know-your-customer feature, letting you stay informed on who are piggybacking on your network, their data usage and duration of use.

Pay-as-you-Go in Local Rate, No Subscription.

Simplify charges user fairly on a pay-as-you-go model, rounding to the nearest number of megabyte. For instance, if the data rate is set at $1 for each GB of data, user will be only be charged 30 cents for 300MB of usage. The best thing is, you pay on a flat data rate in local currency.

"Data is like electricity, you only pay based on how much you've used." - Yen Pei Tay, Co-founder of Simplify

With such brilliant design and technology novelty embedded into Simplify, the potential of Internet-sharing can be amplified to connect data-hungry travelers with data-rich locals, on a tour, in a shared ride and across dining tables.