Simplify x Stripe: powering on-demand Internet in Southeast Asia


Simplify is one of the fastest growing Internet-sharing platforms in Southeast Asia that connects data-rich locals with data-hungry tourists. Simplify users can now link Visa and Mastercard on their Simplify app to make payment for using Simplify Wi-Fi hotspots.

Integrating with Stripe provides Simplify users a truly seamless end-to-end experience from connecting to Wi-Fi hotspot right until making payment. Just like taking a Grab, the fare is charged automatically in an effortless manner.

Prepaid or Postpaid? No, it’s On-Demand.

Unlike any other telecoms, Simplify operates on a unique on-demand business model where users use and pay for their Internet based on the actual data usage, similar to how we get charged for using electricity.

Imagine if you’re touring in a foreign country, you can literally connect to your Grab driver’s hotspot, paying 50 cents for using Internet in the car and then jump on a long distance coach consuming another $1 on a bus journey to another city.

Alipay support will come next

Stripe helps Simplify materializes on-demand payment by enabling multiple payment options for its Internet users and allows Simplify to scale fast launching in other countries accepting multiple currencies.

With millions of consumers in South-east Asian region having potential access to credit cards, the support for Visa and Mastercard comes essentially to fuel Simplify’s growth and regional expansion. In addition, the support for Alipay will come later this year, to cater for the ever-increasing Chinese tourist presence in the region.

Host Your Wi-Fi and Get Paid Daily

Simplify can turn any existing Wi-Fi or personal hotspot into a paid Wi-Fi service. With a simple sign-up process on Simplify’s website or download Simplify app, you can create a unique Wi-Fi name and password, set it on your Wi-Fi router and start earning like a little Internet Service Provider. Now, Simplify pays out Internet sharing commissions to their Wi-Fi hosts on a daily basis.

Stripe enables Simplify to continue focusing on our core mission to liberate mobile connectivity by bringing affordable Internet for everyone.

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