Simplify Creates Extra Income for Ride-Sharing Drivers


How does Simplify benefit a mobile subscriber who potentially have gigabytes of unused data? Now with Simplify, they can sell and earn from their excess Internet bandwidth by turning their personal hotspot on the Android phone. Simplify serves as a natural value-added service for ride-hailing drivers as it brings extra income by selling Wi-Fi on the ride as well as bringing connectivity within the car to the riders, especially tourists. If a driver sold his Internet bandwidth at $10 per GB, he could earn additional $200 by selling 20GB per month. That’s already enough to cover his own phone bill.

What if a tour guide chose to sell with Simplify too? Tourists would fully enjoy and benefit from such value service. Integrated with PayPal, Simplify adopts cashless payment where tourists could pay using their debit or credit cards, and data sellers may earn payout on their PayPal wallet.

Above all else, Simplify is a safe and secure platform to use and transact!

Simplify has just made everyone becoming a little Internet Service Provider!

Ah Long Loans Data (Episode 3), a one-minute video clip, has portrayed the value-added service using Simplify, such as convenience and new source of income for ride-hailing drivers.