Making Your Business Smarter with Simplify All-New Business Pack!


  1. Ultra Speed
  2. Go ultimate fast and unleash the max speed of up to 400Mbps on 4G LTE*. No speed cap and data quota. Connect up to 64 devices at once and enjoy the fastest Internet experience.

  3. Unlimited Data Plan with No Hidden Cost
  4. Get Unlimited Data with your preferred mobile carrier, the All-New Business Pack subscription comes only at RM98 / month with no contract, cancel anytime basis.

  5. Plug-n-Play, Yet Powerful
  6. Getting your business WiFi installed can be as simple as powering on a start button. Portable yet powerful, let's keep those messy cables away. What's left is just smart and simple.

  7. Slim & Smart
  8. Running your business on the move? The All-New Business Pack router is as slim as two 2B pencils so that you can carry it smartly with you anywhere.

  9. Wi-Fi 6
  10. Stream 30% faster with Wi-Fi 6. Extend your All-New Business Pack with Huawei WiFi AX3 and connect up to 128 devices at any one time. Smartly switch between 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi, the router combines both frequencies into one band, making connection more stable and seamless.

  11. Earn Cashback with Smarter WiFi
  12. Be your own Internet Service Provider by hosting a Simplify Smarter WiFi. Bring on-demand WiFi to people, earn extra income when people connect to use your Simplify.

  13. Superior Network Security
  14. Giving out your WiFi password is just like inviting thieves into your house. The All-New Business Pack hardens your WiFi security with Simplify double-encryption mechanism, making it highly secure and hard to crack. Just use the Simplify app to connect, without needing to ask or enter any WiFi password anymore.

  15. Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  16. The 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports ensure a more stable network connection. You can connect your Point-of-Sales terminal, CCTV and even Smart TV to Simplify.

  17. Sustainability
  18. Simplify deploys WiFi sharing technology that makes the Internet more affordable and accessible. Just like ridesharing, WiFi sharing optimizes network resource usage and reduces digital carbon footprints. If you’re gearing toward sustainability, Simplify is the right one for you.

  19. Original Product + Money-back Guarantee
  20. Run a worry-free business with our SIRIM-certified router that comes with original product warranty. Get 100% refund if the service is unsatisfactory within 7 days after you subscribed.