Simplify Lets You Sell Your Home Broadband


Often when we travel abroad and as soon as we landed at a foreign airport, disembarking from the flight, all we wanted is to quickly get connected and send a “I’ve arrived safely!” text message. As we walk out from the plane heading towards the airport terminal, many could not resist snapping a photo of this foreign airport, searching and connecting to the airport Wi-Fi and post the photos immediately on Instagram or Facebook.

It’s such simple thing that a traveller wants to do yet it takes so much effort and hassles to get it done. Of course, the quickest way to get connected is to turn on the costly mobile data roaming service and pay hefty charges for our mobile data usage; or we can opt for buying local SIM card by trudging into a telco store, comparing data plans, poking with little pin and swapping SIM cards. We have to struggle through that lengthy process and all we need is just a few minutes of data to drop a line of text and Grab a car to the hotel.

Now You Can Sell Your Mobile Data

Wouldn’t it be great if the data-rich locals can turn their smartphones into a pay-as-you-go hotspot and sell us their excess mobile data as and when we need it? Good news! Now finally we have an app that allow us to seamlessly piggyback on another’s internet access at a pay-per-use basis, and that’s Simplify!

Simplify is a peer-to-peer Internet-sharing platform that enables mobile subscribers to buy and sell mobile data. To put it simply, Simplify is the Uber in the mobile broadband space. With Simplify, not only has it helped in overcoming the hassle of buying local SIM card and save us from the expensive data roaming charges, it offers the ability of accessing the best network at different time and location, paying only for what you need.

Imagine if you are standing right in front of the majestic Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Twin Tower, having taken a selfie and trying to upload it to your Instagram on the spot. All you need is to launch Simplify on your phone, connect to a nearest person who has the app and share your post online. The data charges incurred is on a pay-per-use basis. Literally, Simplify makes mobile broadband truly convenient and affordable for everyone!