Customer Success: A commitment to excellence


Every business depends on its clients, and while acquiring new ones might be difficult, doing your best to retain the ones you already have can also be a challenge in itself. If you want your business to prosper, you should put the needs of your customers first. Similar to that, the successful Malaysian start-up Simplify works to uphold its principles of providing quality to its customers. This is made possible by assuring effective strategies and distinctive techniques of persuading the customers inside a Simplify team.

Let us explore some of the fundamental methods followed by Simplify:


Working together is an asset for excellent outcomes.

One of the cornerstones to a successful startup is excellent teamwork. Never underestimate the power of collaboration, integrity, and discipline. Teamwork in Simplify has always helped produce wonderful results for their customers. The members frequently share information and work toward a common objective. Here, teamwork can be observed during scrum calls, bootcamps, brainstorming sessions and business trips. In addition to making the workplace better, collaboration helps the Customer Success Team achieve their objectives. Thus, the group's strong emphasis is on being a productive revenue source. Such a strategy improves job quality and allows clients to benefit from teamwork as their voices are being heard and considered when developing a product. Mr Eugene Lim, a satisfied Simplify customer, expressed his appreciation for the entire Simplify team's efficiency in resolving all internet-related issues. Moreover, Elka Chen, the Customer Success Manager at Simplify in an interview stated,

“Working at Simplify is a fantastic opportunity for me, and I like how relaxed and flexible it is. Everyone has the option to express their thoughts, and by discussing them, we can all learn from one another”.

Thus a successful team must learn and develop as a unit; without this, it is impossible to hit milestones and perform tasks admirably. As a result, it's critical to value the time and opportunity we share with each other.

Working Remotely:

Team working remotely from the restaurant.

Now meeting physically for a discussion is no longer necessary for Customer Success. Working remotely while maintaining contact with clients is two times more effective when the proper technology and approach are employed. The ability to work from any location has always made it simpler for the Simplify staff to prefer a more relaxing setting. Remote working has made it easier for employees to manage their busy schedules, whether they are working from a coffee shop or on vacation. Gwen Stefani, a data scientist intern at Simplify expressed that

“I do enjoy working remotely a lot as I love traveling for new adventures. I believe this motivates me to work harder and enjoying what I love to do in sync with work makes the job more engaging and delightful”.

Dedication towards Customers:

The Simplify Team was explaining product information and solutions to the reseller partners and clients.

In order to help its customers succeed with both its product and its own business processes, Simplify consistently emphasizes a proactive, data-driven approach to assisting clients in making better use of a product. The business excels in team commitment and prompt follow-up. One of the elements that ensures customer success in the business itself is the use of instruments for customer satisfaction surveys and unofficial feedback from resellers. These strategies have assisted Simplify in achieving a number of high-level objectives, including growing renewal sales and fostering client loyalty. Many resellers provided their feedback for Simplify Starter Pack, this included “Simplify is able to solve Internet issues for customers that needed Internet temporarily” and “Monthly cost is low given that our Starter Pack is non-contract basis”. Reaching the potential customers and ensuring that they get to experience the best services from Simplify is the top-notch priority. In a casual conversation during a business trip, Shir Ley Chan, the Customer Success Manager expressed that

“My biggest work achievement so far is to solve customers' Internet connectivity issues and while I was away at Redang Island, I supported my team and ensured customers' success”.

It is always imperative to listen to customers’ needs and wants so that the right solution is delivered. This is not only to establish a good customer relationship but also for long term customer success.

Business Trips:

Simplify team during their business trip to carry out their deliverables.

The Simplify family has always placed a high value on business travel as it provides insightful information about a place. Besides, these trips allow the team to strengthen their network so that it may grow across the country and possibly the world, in addition to the added benefit of meeting the people they are doing business with in person. Kah Weing Phong, a Solution Lead at Simplify, stated that

“My biggest accomplishment at the company was to cover the entire island with WiFi Internet and assist the resorts there in getting Internet access. Moreover, I have almost traveled to all states in Malaysia with Simplify over the past two years.”

Business travel provides many benefits for both the startup and the clientele. Not to add that it is usually simpler to close sales transactions, build customer connections, and increase the top line. Muhammad Anas Sulhi Bin Mohd Asri, a customer at Simplify mentioned that he was satisfied with the Internet speed since getting a decent speed in the rural area is usually hard. While the other customer, Ryenaath Ganesan expressed that Simplify is the best Internet service provider ever. Hence every business trip helps build a relationship with the customers. Not to mention that the environment at Simplify is extremely different from other workplaces due to the startup's limitless options for learning and exploring while working. Each trip is made a little bit more special by the team's personal connection to each location.

Team Building Trips:

Simplify team having a great time on Redang Island during the team building trip.

For a flourishing startup like Simplify, the development of both the team and the organization work hand in hand. Every team member has a unique background and a unique tale to share. While the pandemic robbed peoples' social lives, it was a great idea to restore them through team-building activities. Simplify’s chief goal is to encourage each team member to work together as a proper team in achieving a particular objective. A recent team building trip to Redang Island was a huge step in empowering the team members to strengthen their practical, social and creative skills. Lana Shakh, a tech media journalist at Simplify in her interview stated,

“Working with Simplify pushes me out of my comfort zone and also provides me with the skills I would need in my future career”.

The team building trips provide you the chance to connect while having a good time. Exploring is a good concept to do with your team. As a wise man once said “Build the people. And people will build the business”.

Simplify relies on customer success to provide the knowledge, expertise, and organization needed to organize fruitful, significant, and effective renewal exchanges. Prioritizing clients’ needs and satisfaction is critical, as Simplify ensures that they are met in order for the business to thrive. As a result, Simplify is constantly examining the "how" of the customer experience and strives to achieve goals such as: leveraging data to ensure that the client performs every task more effectively, and comprehending the How and Why of the process.