Apple grants Simplify the special entitlement to use its private Wi-Fi APIs on iOS


With recent iPhone 12 announcement, Simplify launches its long-awaited iOS version to redefine the Wi-Fi connection experience on iOS 14. While searching for reliable Wi-Fi is tedious, Simplify makes discovering and connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots seamless and secure, with just a tap. The app lets iPhone users connect Simplify hotspots without needing a password.

And to do this, you need special access to Apple’s Network Extension framework.

Simplify lets users discover and connect to its secured Wi-Fi network without needing a password.

Apple’s Network Extension framework enables Simplify to create and deploy custom Wi-Fi configurations on iOS. With Simplify app, iPhone users are now able to unlock the access to use Simplify hotspots worldwide on the fly. Access to these private APIs requires special approval from Apple, typically granted only to carriers and WiFi aggregators.

Battle-tested security

With slightly over 65,000 hotspots, Simplify operates one of the largest community Wi-Fi in the world. It develops its own proprietary double-encryption mechanism to further protect the WiFi credentials. Each Simplify hotspot’s password is uniquely generated using crypto-hash algorithms based on the WiFi hardware address and encrypted specially to harden Wi-Fi security, making Wi-Fi password difficult to crack.

Under the Apple’s special entitlement, all previously joined Wi-Fi will be auto-deleted after use. Simplify app does not store or forward any Wi-Fi passwords on user’s iPhone, similar to PCI standard for managing credit card data. Such mechanism protects Simplify Wi-Fi hosts with the highest security standards.

Get 1GB free data upon using Simplify on your iPhone. More rewards await.

Discover Simplify hotspots now

The Map feature on Simplify app shows nearby Simplify hotspots with precise location markers, presented along with design-savvy details such as free or paid Wi-Fi, their network quality, in addition to the Wi-Fi signal strength.

All new Simplify’s iPhone users will be awarded 1GB FREE data, usable on any Simplify hotspot worldwide. Get Simplify now!