Success Story: Consistency Makes Progress


Mr. Mohammad Nizam Bin Amran, 31 years old, a Kelantanese who has become a full-time Simplify Partner Reseller selling more than 300 units of Simplify All-New Starter Packs since June 2022. Until November 2022, he has since accumulated a total worth of RM18,530 in cash incentives, recurring commissions and lucrative rewards. Nizam's earnings first started off with just RM235 in commission but grew 10x to reach RM 2,181 in less than 6 months. As unbelievable as it may sound, being a Simplify reseller changed his life and he has also won himself an iPhone 13, an iPhone 13 Pro Max and 2 iPhone 14 Pro in the process. Now, Nizam is continuously thriving and growing with Simplify while supporting his family. Realizing the successful mantra to reach this massive milestone has made him a proud member of the Simplify family.