Simplify Smarter Signs: A New Digital Signage Platform compatible with Google TV


Smarter Signs

Smarter Signs is a form of electronic display used for advertising, information, and communication. It allows companies to broadcast dynamic content such as images, videos, and animations to their target audience. The content can be easily updated and changed in real-time, making it an effective way to reach customers in a variety of settings such as retail stores, public spaces, and universities.

Smarter Signs is a solution that seamlessly manages and delivers digital signage content across multiple displays over the cloud. This platform typically includes a central management system that enables content creators to upload and schedule content, as well as monitor and analyze its performance.

Since the Smarter Signs plays such a huge role in today’s competitive environment, without it, managing contents can be very challenging amid its interactivity. Some of the challenges include:

Inefficiency: Small businesses have been using USB sticks to store static images and videos, which are then displayed on their TV via a media player. The problem with such solution arises when they want to update their contents, they have to re-upload the new content into the USB stick, which is extremely tedious and difficult to manage.

Non-Cloud based: One of the reasons why it is inefficient, is because they are not using cloud storage. It only needs one thing from you to manage your contents efficiently, and that's the Internet. The Internet is the most valuable thing in this modern era, and it provides us many services including the cloud. Without it, uploading and retrieving your contents would be made manually.

Limited flexibility: Banners still exist in this modern era, and since one advertisement can only fit into one banner, it offers a limited amount of space and design options. From that, traditional banners are making it harder to stand out and capture the attention of consumers, especially now that the attention span of humans has been decreasing over the years.

Higher costs: Banners can also be costly to produce and install. Furthermore, if banners are frequently replaced due to weather conditions, the costs will skyrocket, especially if they are exposed outdoors and may be damaged or destroyed.

Limited audience engagement: Without dynamic and updated content, digital signage may not capture the attention of customers, leading to reduced engagement and fewer opportunities for interaction.

Simplify has always been driven by a passion to use technology to improve people's lives in Malaysia. Simplify has been constantly reaching out to more people about the importance and advantages of Smarter Signs. The Simplify team has installed 33 units of Simplify Business Pack to power Smart Advertising TV panels at Malaysian international airports including Penang, Langkawi, Kuching, and Kota Kinabalu. Airports can use this technology to welcome and entertain passengers while they wait for their flights. Furthermore, airports are now able to provide passengers and staff with a fast internet connection for such a low cost, $1 = 1GB. Thus enabling you to watch five episodes of Attack on Titan in just $6!

Simplify Business Pack powering Smart Advertising TV panels at Penang International and Langkawi Airport

Simplify recently partnered with Quest International University (QIU), a private and research institution located in Ipoh, Perak, with the goal of bringing significant changes to the institution. Simplify teamed up with university’s Digital Communications and Information Technology teams to solve their problem of managing and displaying their content in a way that does not require a USB stick or a media player, because that is what they are currently dealing with.

Quest International University in Ipoh, Perak

Simplify introduced them to SmarterSigns and demonstrated the app on one of their Smart TVs. The demonstration included how to easily add and remove a content from the database, so they could see how quickly the changes were applied after the previous loop.

After working for two weeks with the university, Simplify successfully deployed the SmarterSigns app in three Smart TVs located at their recently built cafeteria, La Place Cafe, to display lots of video contents such as different menus and QIU info on each screen in Full HD resolution (1920*1080). There are a total of 10 Smart TVs at Quest buildings (TTS, ASB, & Faculty of Medicine), and it has already been setted up on the app’s database as locations, including La Place, so there will be 7 more Smarter Signs to deploy soon!

Smart Signs successfully deployed in the Smart TVs at La Place Cafe, Quest International University.

Smarter Signs are equipped with intelligent features and connectivity capabilities, enabling them to provide enhanced functionality and a better user experience.

Here are the list of features that you can benefit from SmarterSigns:

Google TV Compatible: Simplify SmarterSigns is compatible with Google TV. Just install Simplify SmarterSigns app on your smart TV and get your content streamed through Google TV with no additional hardware. It saves cost.

Drag-and-Drop: Now you can manage your content by adding or dropping your content on a web browser. New content can be deployed in a matter of seconds and reflected immediately on the digital signage, eliminating the need to copy the content to an USB stick or a media player. It’s simple.

High-resolution Content: Tailoring to HD, Full HD or 4K? Simplify SmarterSigns caters your content towards different smart TV display resolutions. It’s adaptable.

Location-specific Content: Having multiple digital signages? Now you can set different content to be displayed at different locations. It’s intelligent.

Cloud Backup: Save a copy of your active digital signage content on a highly secured cloud storage. Never worry about misplacing or losing access to your content again. It’s safe.

Plug-and-Play Internet Option: Connect your smart TV to the Internet with Simplify Business Pack which includes a 4G+ WiFi router embedded with an unlimited data line from your preferred internet service provider. It’s Internet-ready.

Unlimited Content: Want a fraction of time for every single ad? You may stream as much content as you wish 24x7 in a never ending loop. It’s highly scalable.

To manage your content in the cloud, there's a handy tool called Firebase (A Cloud database software), which you can access via the web from your desktop/laptop.

SmarterSigns’ Top 10 Advantages

1. Android TV and Google TV-compatible

2. Simple App Installation (File Manager, Send Files to TV app, or Google Play Store)

3. Instant Ad Content Delivery

4. Local Information Display

5. Internet-ready with Simplify Business Pack

6. Cloud Content Streaming

7. Easy Content Management

8. Location-Specific Content

9. 4K-ready

10. Google Cloud Storage Backup

Simplify Smarter Signs is built with saving costs in mind. According to data gathered from various physical and online banner stores, each banner typically costs between RM95 to RM260. If you already have a Smart TV and a stable internet connection, Simplify SmarterSigns can help you save RM238+ per banner! This is because the service only costs RM20 per display per month and the content that you can put in is already unlimited. However, if you want to have a plug-and-play router with a faster internet speed at such an affordable price, Simplify could complement Smarter Signs with the Simplify Business Pack, available for subscription at only RM98 per month. It’s a Wi-Fi router that bundles Unlimited Data Internet Plan, with the option to extend its coverage with additional Wi-Fi 6 access points. This way, you can manage your content through the cloud seamlessly and even earn money cashback if people passing by your digital sign need internet connection or if other businesses want to rent ad space on your Smart TV, they will have to pay for internet access to cover for their ads.

Simplify Business Pack extended with additional Wi-Fi 6 access point

Simplify SmarterSigns brings you a brand new way to manage your digital signage content anytime anywhere with convenience, right at your fingertips! So what are you waiting for?