Simplify recognized as a key Smart Farming Ecosystem Partner by Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security

Date: August 3, 2023


Cyberjaya, Malaysia - Simplify, the trailblazing force in connectivity technology, has achieved a significant milestone by becoming an official Digital Agriculture Technology Ecosystem Partner of Malaysia's Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. This esteemed recognition comes on the heels at the highly successful PEMANGKIN Digital Agtech Launch event, organized by the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) at Cyberview Resort earlier today, bringing together an array of industry leaders, stakeholders, and government officials, including Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, YB Chan Foong Hin, Deputy Minister of Communications and Digital, YB Teo Nie Ching, and YB Tuan Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh, the Chairman of MDEC.

A major highlight of the event was the prestigious certification award presentation, acknowledging the exceptional contributions of 20 Digital Agriculture Technology companies that have demonstrated innovative solutions in the field. Simplify, a frontrunner in digital agricultural technology, was among the eminent recipients of this esteemed award.

Simplify's revolutionary SmarterThings solution framework, lauded for its ability to seamlessly integrate IoT sensors and devices from various manufacturers, thus creating a comprehensive ecosystem for precision farming. These devices harmoniously integrate with the SmarterThings Data Cloud using advanced SmarterThings Connectivity APIs, showcasing Simplify's commitment to practical and efficient solutions for farming.

At the heart of Simplify's innovation are the SmarterThings Weather Sensing and Vision Sensing nodes, which provide real-time weather data and AI-enhanced visual insights. These nodes have proven indispensable in improving farm management by detecting animal intrusions, monitoring plant growth, and enabling early disease detection through cutting-edge digital imaging analysis.

Another remarkable achievement is Simplify's SmarterThings Soil Sensing nodes, which have revolutionized soil monitoring for the Harumanis mango farms managed by the Department of Agriculture in Perlis state. These portable devices enable continuous and cost-effective soil data collection, streamlining the soil sampling process and accelerating overall farm productivity.

Following this distinguished recognition, Simplify's SmarterThings solution, a hallmark of innovation and efficiency, has been listed on the Ministry's prestigious DirekTANI portal, enabling farmers, agriculturalists, and industry players to gain direct access to a cutting-edge platform that leverages Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics (BDA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Drone Technology (DroneTech) to elevate farming practices. This collaboration between Digital Agriculture Technology companies, MDEC and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security underscores Malaysia's commitment to digital transformation and sustainable agricultural growth.

Mr. Tay Yen Pei, CEO of Simplify, expressed his gratitude for the recognition and emphasized the transformative potential of Simplify's technologies especially on how the fusion of AI and automation is reshaping traditional farming practices.

The PEMANGKIN Digital Agtech Launch spotlighted Simplify's pivotal role in revolutionizing the agricultural landscape. By delivering groundbreaking solutions that enhance efficiency, productivity, and sustainability, Simplify is redefining the future of farming via its SmarterThings solution and solidifying Malaysia's position as a global leader in agricultural technology.

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