Simplify is now part of MIT's Rapid Innovation Dashboard to fight COVID-19


Simplify is being named one of MIT-affiliated startups working to beat COVID-19, empowering more people to stay home, stay connected and stay productive.

Internet demand surges amid COVID-19 lockdown. Working and learning from homes are the new norms. Simplify is bringing affordable and secure Internet to empower more people to stay productive at home with our patented Internet-sharing technology.

On April 2, the MIT community has pooled resources from students, faculty, staff and alumni across the world by activating a series of projects on its COVID-19 Rapid Innovation Dashboard to fight the pandemic. Simplify, being a tech startup founded by an MIT global entrepreneur, has answered MIT's call to urgent problem solving to fight the pandemic.

While Simplify is already working with wireless carriers to give out FREE Wi-Fi routers, the startup hopes to seek more sponsorships in supporting their relief effort for the "data-hungry" global community. Help them empower more people to stay connected with your givings.

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