Simplify Achieves Excellence Award at 2023 China Overseas Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Hefei, China

Date: October 23, 2023


[Hefei, China, October 23, 2023] — Simplify, an advanced wireless connectivity technology company, has secured the Excellence Award at the prestigious 2023 China Overseas Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (COTIEC). This remarkable achievement, announced at Anhui Hefei Zhong'an Chuanggu Technology Park today, underscores Simplify's commitment to innovation and its potential to make a profound impact in the wireless technology landscape.

In a field of 1,800 applications from 41 countries, Simplify distinguished itself as a leading contender in this international tech competition. They navigated the qualifying round, which began in Singapore in July 2023, triumphing over 33 other companies from around the region. This accomplishment is a testament to their unwavering dedication to excellence and the disruptive nature of their innovative solutions.

The decision to participate in COTIEC was driven by Hefei's dynamic economic growth and advanced infrastructure. Yen Pei Tay, CEO of Simplify, acknowledged Hefei's appeal as an ecosystem for overseas technology companies to flourish, thanks to access to talent, capital, logistical support, and a thriving market for future vehicle connectivity technologies.

Simplify's recognition and success in COTIEC are not just a celebration but also a validation of their groundbreaking work. The company's vision extends beyond mere connectivity for individuals to "connecting everything with everyone," emphasizing the critical role of comprehensive connectivity in shaping the future.

This achievement signifies the company's global impact and the role COTIEC plays in fostering international collaboration and innovation. With Hefei, China, as the backdrop for this success, it underscores the city's strategic focus on industries like New LED Display, Integrated Circuit, Artificial Intelligence, and Connected Vehicles, aligning with Simplify's innovative expertise.

Simplify's Smarter WiFi and SmarterThings products were instrumental in this award recognition. SmarterThings, a patented seamless connectivity technology, empowers Internet of Things (IoT) devices to auto-discover and connect to available networks without prior configuration. This innovation simplifies the deployment of countless IoT devices, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Simplify's journey from the qualifying round in Singapore to the Grand Finals in Hefei symbolizes the importance of international collaboration and the global reach of innovation. As they revel in their win, Simplify's mission to "Connect Things, Smarter Together" is closer to becoming a reality, solidifying their position in the global technology landscape.

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