Sell Wi-Fi to Waive Your Monthly Internet Bill


How nice if you could offer as little as 7GB of your monthly Internet bandwidth to waive your Internet bill? Simplify can turn your Wi-Fi into a small business, providing extra income to you while sharing your under-utilized Internet quota to others, especially if you are running an AirBnB, cafe or convenience store for tourists.

Simplify offers RM10 for 1GB Internet usage throughout Malaysia. For instance, if you have subscribed to Broadband by Cel telecom, selling just 7GB a month rewards you with RM70, good enough waive your monthly Internet bill. Anything extra is a bonus!

Selling is Simple

Just register your Wi-Fi router, set your Simplify Wi-Fi name and password and get daily payout on your PayPal account when buyers connect to your Wi-Fi service. You can link your PayPal to your bank account to cash out.