Poor Internet on Redang Island? Not anymore with Smarter WiFi.


Immerse the great view and the ubiquitous Internet with Simplify at the Redang Island

How would you feel when it’s time to show the world with your eye-catching Insta but your phone has extremely limited Internet access? Raising your phone high up and walking around to get an extra bar of mobile signal is challenging, or maybe just save your turquoise-blue ocean photos in your phone gallery waiting for the next chance to post them. Internet connectivity on Redang Island has always been an issue and it negatively impacts its tourism business. Despite being an established and commercialized island, you can only receive limited mobile signals confined by the signal coverage. Nevertheless, there is certainly something which Simplify can do to solve this, and help a dozen of island resorts deploy their WiFi, all by coincidence.

Laguna Redang Island Resort

Simplify Business Packs are successfully installed at the Laguna Redang Island Resort.

In Summer 2022, a 10-person team from Simplify consisting of telecom engineers, app developers, brand marketing experts, tech journalists and data scientists stepped on the shore of Laguna Redang Island Resort, the largest resort on the island, on a team building trip. First time on the island? For most of the team members, surprise, no Internet and only selected telcos provide telecommunications towers here.

Out of conscience, realizing that they can put their expertise into immediate use, Shir Ley Chan, Simplify’s Customer Success Manager, approached the receptionist at the resort lobby, trying to secure an appointment with the Resort Manager, Mr. Michael Cheong. While speaking with the team, Michael elaborated that the pressing Internet issues have been plaguing the island for years. However, it was quite a relief to hear that Simplify could offer an innovative solution to bridge signals from a good 4G coverage area into poor mobile signal spots with the latest Mesh WiFi technology.

Simplify team presents their mesh Wi-Fi solution to Mr. Michael Cheong, the Resort Manager of Laguna Redang Island Resort.

Two months into the Summer’s peak season, Simplify has equipped Laguna Redang’s vast lobby area with 2 units of Simplify Business Packs (Huawei B535) meshed with the latest Huawei AX3 access points. Simplify not only brings WiFi Internet to the resort, but a good experience Internet powered by the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology.

“There was obviously a change of atmosphere at the resort, especially at the lobby area where visitors can now be seen sitting with their tablets and laptops, working and Zoom-ing into calls, which was rarely the case before”, said Michael. The resort is eager to alleviate in-house guests’ concerns by continuously upgrading and improving the WiFi, which he claimed was made possible by Simplify installation. Now, essential tasks like online meetings can literally be carried out without issues at the resort.

Kah Weng Phong, Simplify’s Solution Lead, is testing the Internet connection right outside of the island bar at Laguna Redang Island Resort.

Redang Reef

Realizing that poor Internet connectivity is an island-wide issue, Simplify team visited Redang Reef Resort with the same social cause. In a conversation with Mr. Lee, the resort owner, lamented the multiple difficulties the entire resort was encountering, including paying RM326 a month for a 10Mbps line barely to keep the front desk operational. The turtle-speed Internet could not even accommodate guests’ WiFi needs. While the new Wi-Fi installation work is still being carried out, complaints from in-house guests such as "please fix your WiFi" and "WiFi is very terrible” were often heard. Seemingly, this issue has been haunting the resort workers almost daily. Ms. Mimi, one of the friendly resort crew, described that there was hardly any mobile signal at the rooms behind, you could not even make “usual phone calls” through the GSM network.

Yen Pei Tay and Kah Weing Phong were discussing the network issue with Mr. Lee

Ms. Mimi with the new Simplify Business Pack installed at Redang Reef Resort convenience store.

Although surrounded by beautiful sea views, the resort chalets facing the sea are resided in a coverage blindspot. Noting that this resort is situated nearer towards the island's forested region than many other resorts, which causes the signals to occasionally become inconsistent. Hence, a LAN cable has to be pulled all the way from the Simplify main router installed at the convenience store, meshed with 5 Huawei AX3 access points to ensure a reliable and stable Internet connection. Now, the entire resort is powered by Simplify WiFi, with the average Internet speed of around 50Mbps and they can cover the entire resort for much less than what they used to pay. What could be more spectacular than this in terms of cost-cutting?

a) The increase of the internet speed from 10Mbps to up to 64.3Mbps after the installation of the Simplify Business Pack

b) Kah Weng installing the access point at the Redang Reef Resort

Redang Bay Resort

Good things spread fast. Like other resorts, the owner of Redang Bay Resort, Mr. Eugene Lim, was constantly in search to upgrade their current Internet service, now made possible by Simplify. Over the course of 20 odd years, the resort had signed up with various Internet service providers like TM, Celcom and Maxis before, but ended up with an unsatisfactory experience. There was also no personnel from the Internet providers who would willingly come to the resort to resolve their Internet connectivity issues.

The Huawei AX3 access point will be installed at the chalet

Eugene expressed, “Simplify was the first team that approached the resort after we spoke about our underlining Internet issues with them, the team came and fixed all of our problems in a short time”. Simplify first helped Redang Bay Resort to conduct a preliminary Internet assessment before coming up with a strategic network deployment plan to install the WiFi access points. The team managed to install everything at the resort in just 3 days, allowing resort guests to experience the best Internet connection through the Simplify App while bringing an opportunity to earn cashback with Simplify Smarter WiFi. . Moreover, the guests could even rent a Simplify WiFi from the reception. Now you can work while having vacation, and let the breeze put your mind at ease!

Now reap the benefits of one of the best internet connection with Simplify at Redang Bay Resort

More than half a dozen resorts on Redang Island now have Simplify installed. This includes Redang Pelangi Resort, Redang Lagoon Resort, Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa and Redang DM Scuba Dive Center. Simplify aims to remove impediments caused by weak Internet signals and think out-of-the-box to bring unconventional solutions to the island inhabitants. Such a successful approach had helped Simplify deploy close to 40 Simplify access points and provided these partner resorts with a better Internet connection. Tourists staying on the resorts along Redang’s long beach stretch will no longer be concerned about Internet access. Nevertheless, the effort to connect remote islands with faster Internet service does not end here, the company is bringing technology for good to more remote locations in the near future.