On a workcation trip without Internet? Not anymore with Simplify

How Simplify, a Malaysian tech startup, helped tourists stay connected on Lang Tengah Island


The lovely Lang Tengah Island has very limited WiFi Internet connectivity until Simplify comes

How many times have we said to ourselves, "I wish I was lost on an island somewhere so I didn't have to deal with this world"? Well, if you're one of those people, then take a deep breath because we're about to embark on a short trip to the island of Lang Tengah with Simplify.

We constantly fantasize about being on an island; we imagine it as a place without food, electricity, or, of course, the Internet. However, the post-pandemic world is changing, and the Internet has become a necessity even on remote islands. Slow and limited Internet access is a common problem on islands, but trust me when I say that since the launch of Simplify in Malaysia, the problem of slow WiFi internet has changed.

Internet on the island was a major issue

On Terengganu's Lang Tengah Island, resort owners and tour operators have long complained about the island's weak telecommunications infrastructure. Internet on the island operates at a glacial pace and frequently fails to serve. Moreover, island residents have to rely on specific telecommunication providers and the situation was so severe that it was jeopardizing the tourism business.

Simplify network engineer installing new routers at Summer Bay Resort.

Simplify helps upgrading the WiFi Internet for Summer Bay Resort

WiFi Internet at Summer Bay Resort was completely cut out during a series of COVID-19 lockdowns since 2020. Originally equipped with 16 long-range WiFi access points, the resort relied on just two Cat4 4G routers to serve the entire Internet needs. Just before the east-coast island reopens in early April 2022, Simplify team initiated an outreach program to resort operators to offer Simplify Starter Pack (a WiFi rental service), and Summer Bay Resort was among the first to sign up.

Internet speed now clocks close to 100Mbps at Summer Bay Resort

Knowing that only certain telecom services have good coverage on the island, the team arrived on the island in the morning of April 4, quickly helped replace the resort’s old 4G routers in the switch room and installed new WiFi at the lobby, Seaview Cafe and Warung Mamak, all with plug-and-play Simplify Starter Packs. The average Internet speed now is upgraded to close to 100Mbps. On a separate visit in May, the Simplify team extended the WiFi resort-wide by adding another 13 new Huawei AX3 WiFi 6 access points to enable resort guests to surf the Internet in their rooms. It was also a very gratifying moment for the company to achieve milestones with its unique recipe for alleviating the internet issues with thorough network planning, high-performing devices and most importantly, a dedicated team.

Simplify is now available throughout Summer Bay Resort, Lang Tengah

Simplify Starter Pack, the solution to Summer Bay Resort’s Internet issue

Each Simplify Starter Pack bundles a high specification Cat7 4G router with a choice of Simplify-preferred telecommunication provider SIM. Such flexibility enables resort operators such as Summer Bay Resort to select the most suitable telecom provider based on the network coverage in their premises, without having to swap or change any Internet equipment. It’s as simple as swapping a new SIM card into your phone.

If you are traveling to Summer Bay Resort for work-cation, you can now rent a Starter Pack from the reception as your personal in-room WiFi at an affordable fee. Join a Zoom call right inside your room.

Now you can rent a personal Simplify Starter Pack at Summer Bay Resort

Simplify Smarter WiFi, a new way of connecting to WiFi

Simplify is a service that allows you to sell your unused data and also works with your home broadband. Using Simplify, any existing WiFi can be converted into a paid WiFi service. and you can start earning like a little Internet Service Provider. Simplify is expanding with its unique techniques to reveal the issues of slow internet in today's world and, as a result, contribute to making the world a true global village.

Simplify makes Summer Bay’s WiFi smarter

The Simplify team in the Summer Bay resort, dedicatedly made the WiFi smarter to make people's lives easier. The team worked diligently to turn that "impossible thing" into a completed achievement through their innovative and smart ideas. The Simplify Starter Pack is a must-have for small business owners on the island of Lang Tengah as it also comes with Smarter WiFi. Simplify paved the way for the resort to reduce operating cost by selling their WiFi to their guests who will be able to use it. So, if their company receives enough foot traffic, they have the potential to make a fortune. Smarter WiFi has also alleviated many of the technicians' "behind the scenes" concerns about cybersecurity. On the other hand, Simplify Smarter WiFi provides a safer and seamless connection experience for the users through the Simplify App. You can try it for yourself now!

Sip on your Latte at Lang Tengah Warung Mamak while enjoying the fast Internet with the astonishing blue sea view right in front of you

Simplify Team at Summer Bay resort

The Summer Bay resort was able to reap the benefits of Simplify in a big way. The Smarter WiFi is a game-changer for not only the resort, but also the entire island, as it provides smarter technology to the people with clever benefits. Simplify beliefs in delivering the best experience to their customers, thus ensuring that Simplify WiFi hosts get paid daily in a hassle-free manner. Since the fundamental limitation of a poor internet connection has been removed, foreign tourists will have no reason to say no to a vacation to the wonderful Lang Tengah island. Furthermore, the installation of the Simplify Starter Pack has and will significantly improve the lives of individuals on the island by making it easier to work, learn, and stay connected to the rest of the world.