Hi, Simplify iOS


Today, Simplify announces its support for iOS, ushering a new era of smart WiFi on iPhone.

Simplify lets iPhone users connect to its 65,000-strong community hotspots worldwide, without needing a password, on a pay-as-you-go model.

Making WiFi password obsolete

With Simplify, connecting to WiFi will never be the same again. No more tedious WiFi password entry upon connecting to WiFi. The app connects iPhone users to Simplify-powered hotspots with a single touch, not needing to enter any WiFi password at all (Right! Wi-Fi password is now a history!).

Battle-tested security

Operating one of the largest community WiFi network in the world, Simplify develops and deploys its own proprietary double-encryption mechanism to further protect the WiFi credentials. Each Simplify hotspot’s password is uniquely generated using crypto-hash algorithms based on the WiFi hardware address and encrypted specially to harden the WiFi security, making Wi-Fi password difficult to crack.

Whenever an iPhone discover any Simplify-powered hotspot nearby, it will automatically decipher the WiFi password in the background and connect seamlessly. This novel approach redefines the WiFi connection experience.

Pay with GIGA

GIGA, which stands for Global Internet Gigabyte Access, is a new currency for Internet access. 1 GIGA is worth 1GB of data, regardless of where you are. Now, iPhone users may reload GIGA on Simplify app.

Forget about prepaid or contract postpaid plans. Simplify charges fairly based on a pay-as-you-go model, just like how we pay for our electricity usage. With GIGA, Simplify offers one Internet rate worldwide. For instance, you will only be charged 0.3 GIGA for using 300MB of data.

Optimized for iOS 14 and interoperable with Android

The new Simplify introduces a snappy new look, simpler ways to discover and connect WiFi hotspots, bringing a whole new level of user experience to iPhone users.

Embedded with simplicity and savviness built into its core, Simplify makes discovery and connecting to WiFi easier, faster and more secure, with significantly fewer steps.

Moreover, iPhone users can now connect to use Simplify personal hotspot on Android too, all on the fly.

Let’s Simplify now

All new Simplify’s iPhone users will be awarded 1GB FREE data, usable on any Simplify hotspot worldwide. Get Simplify now!